Hi, my name is Rajorshi Biswas. You can call me Raj if that name is quite a mouthful 😊! This blog aims to capture some thoughts around modern software development, cloud, open-source, Linux and other topics.

My Interests

I have been an application developer / infrastructure guy throughout my 17+ years of experience. As such, I have varied interests having worked on quite a few tech domains (embedded, desktop, web, infra). Of late, most of my time is around cloud-native infrastructure and backend work. I also love staying in touch with the startup / SaaS ecosystem.

My work

I currently work at Teamstand as an Engineering Director. We're building an enterprise workflow management system.

Prior to this, I've worked at Arcesium, the D. E. Shaw group and Motorola Mobility. For more details, check out my LinkedIn page.


All opinions and posts here are solely my own and not of my employer.