Hello world - Raspberry Pi!

After a long (long) hiatus, I'm back at blogging!

This post is a quick note on the geekiest gift one has ever received - the Raspberry Pi complete kit (thanks to my friends who really know me)!

The complete kit came with all the basic necessities required to boot up the Pi, assuming you have a monitor with HDMI input.  This included the following:

  • The Raspberry Pi model B (512MB RAM) SOC
  • 8GB SD card with Raspbian and other distros ready to boot
  • 5V power adapter and USB cable
  • HDMI, Cat5 and GPIO cables
  • The very sweet MultiComp clear case

The very first realization I had was that this "compete" kit did not include an HDMI to VGA adapter. Oh well, VGA monitors are obsolete anyways. However, I have an old Samsung 15" CRT that I desperately wanted to use for this. I'm eyeing this cable (note: el-cheapo HDMI to VGA converters apparently do NOT work), but I set up the Pi with my Toshiba 32" LCD television instead.

On the bright side, my existing Amkette Cruizer wireless keyboard and mouse combo worked flawlessly with the Pi - a pleasant surprise indeed. This is what the Pi looked after the initial setup:

Raspberry Pi Case

And finally, here's the Raspbian desktop:

Raspberry Pi on TV

I need to modify the resolution or settings since the windows expand beyond the television size, but that's for another hack session with the Pi :-)

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